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As a business large or small, choosing the best web hosting service can be a daunting task. Windows hosting and Linux hosting are two of the main hosting providers that both small and large companies most commonly select from when using services from Gotham Web Services. Choosing between Windows hosting and Linux hosting will be a choice based on the needs of your business. Thinking about what your web page requires and what you want it to look like and how you want it to operate will be just a few questions you will need to answer before you can make you decision between Windows hosting or Linux hosting. It is important that you know what both Windows hosting and Linux hosting have to offer you, so alongside Gotham Web Services, you can make the best informed choice. The main thing to remember is that your choice of hosting platform will dictate the type of software and the kind of applications that your website can utilize. Although talking to someone knowledgeable at Gotham Web Services will guarantee that you are making the best decision for your web site, the chart below will familiarize you with what Windows and Linux have to offer you.

Below are some of the main differences between Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting.

       Windows Hosting

  • Windows hosting is run by Microsoft.
  • Windows hosting runs smoothly with Microsoft’s products.
  • Windows hosting allows websites to run active  server pages.
  • Windows hosting has a simple to use interface.
  • Windows hosting is compatible with
  • Windows hosting is the best choice if you are using ASP, FrontPage,.NET,ASPNET, Cold Fusion, PHP Windows Streaming Media, Access, MMQL or any other Microsoft trademark programs.
  • Windows hosting is ideal for web sites that have online searchable databases or chat functions.
  • Windows hosting provides control through a user friendly web site panel.
  • Windows hosting is a must use if you are using Microsoft technologies such as MSSQL.
  • Windows hosting offers a large amount of commercial applications.
  • Windows hosting allows for all features of FrontPage to be utilized.

       Linux Hosting

  • Linux is open source.
  • Linux runs efficiently with PHP, Perl, or MYSQL.
  • Linux uses cPanel hosting.
  • Linux is ideal for information rich websites with some user interaction (such as enquiry or contact forms)
  • Linux supports almost any type of file extensions; the most common one being: .cgi, .html, .pl, .pho, .shtml, and .xml.
  • Linux is one of the most widely used hosting.
  • Linux is a great choice for web sites that use blogs, web applications, podcasts, shopping cart or online forum.
  • Linux offers a lot of Free application programs and scripts.


Overall, choosing between Windows hosting and Linux hosting is a personal choice based specifically on the needs of your web page. In the long run, the best solution is to find a trustworthy hosting provider who will give you competent service! This means technical support that is available to you 24/7, so in the case that you need support, it is there for you at all times.

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WordPress Hosting Services

Gotham Web provides wordpress, Vps, Windows,, and Linux Hosting at Affordable Rates.

wordpress hosting

Looking through the sea of web service my head swarms with all the unfamiliar terms; WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Windows hosting, hosting and Linux hosting (just to name a few).

What do all these terms mean? How do I know what I need to do to make the most of my business’s web site? Do I need shared, VPS, dedicated or collocated web hosting? How can I be sure that if I need help with my web site at 3 AM (because sometimes that is the only time I can get any work done) someone will be there to help me? How do I know my customers will be entering a safe site where if they want to buy my product their information will be protected?

If you have been down this road before you know how many different hosting providers are available to you. I was overwhelmed with the choices and the services that the different web hosting services provided. With all the new information I was trying to make sense of, I needed someone to help me sort out what I needed to do to make my business succeed. I needed a fast, professional, easy to use web page.

Most of the web services I came across asked me to purchase a plan. I was not ready to do that that yet because I still did not understand what many of the common terms that I was asked to decide between meant in relation to my own personal web site.

Trying to make the right decision for my business web site was very stressful and overwhelming until I came across Gotham Web Services. With their 24/7 customer support I was able to contact someone at my own convenience. Not only are the support engineers at Gotham Web Services available to answer all the questions, they offer several different ways to chat with them. So when my kids are screaming in the background, I can get support through email or chat through Gotham Web Services Live Help option. If I have a moment of quiet, Gotham support engineers can be reached by phone. The array of contact options made it easy for me to get a hold of someone no matter what type of communication method I selected.

Knowing that I can contact someone in a variety of ways 24/7 made Gotham Web Services a no brainer when it came to which web service provider I would trust for my business web site. In the sea of web services, I needed to talk to someone who could help me navigate terms such as WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Windows hosting, hosting and Linux hosting. The support engineers at Gotham Web provide just that, making me feel at ease about the decisions I was making for my company.

More so than just offering 24/7 support. Gotham Web Services provides a variety of different hosting options with the tools that are as unique as my business is (Hosted Exchange, SharePoint, Hosted Lync and Dynamics CRM just to name a few). These options make Gotham Web Services a one stop shop for me, allowing me to be at peace knowing that if my business grows or the needs of my web page change Gotham Web Services will still be able to provide the services I need.

Why make choosing a web service provide more stressful than it already is? I know I already have enough in my life to worry about and a web site should not be one of them. Gotham Web Services exceptional support and choices make running your business web site easy and stress free.

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